Sunday, 5 December 2010

20101205 Kejohanan Karate-Do Terbuka Seberang Perai 2010

We are all very excited today because this is the day that many have been waiting for - The Karate-do Championship.

The overwhelming response of the participants and the hard work that you have put in has resulted in the success of this competition. Your fighting spirit in improving your skills and the endurance that you have gone through in the training is admirable. For this, I strongly think that you deserve a round of applause.

We will not have this competition without the effort of the organizers. The organizing chairman (Mr.Tan Khim Siang) along with his committee also deserves a big round of applause.

All the participants can have the skills and the technique that have today because of the training provided by their trainers. Today, regardless of what grade you are having; white belt, yellow belt or black belt; if it is not for the effort of the trainers, we will never be here. Hence, may I ask all of us to give the trainers a big round of applause?

We must not forget one more group of people. Without them, we will not have funds to organize such event. We want to all thank the sponsors for their generous support – clap.

Karate-do is a great form of martial art. Some of the benefits are:

· Cultivating respect for yourself and others,
· Earning your peers’ friendship in a positive and healthy environment,
· Understanding your own mind and body,
· Goal setting, perseverance and confidence through achievement and
· Learn basic principles by which to live your life.

It aligns well with the policy of the Federal Government. It unites people from different culture, races and all nations. It was founded in Japan and it is now taught to people all around the world.

As I have just mentioned, Karate-do is not to teach us to pick a fight with our peers. Instead, it cultivates respect for others and earn your peers’ friendship. It is a great training both physically and mentally.

Finally, I wish the organizers great success every year and that many will join the martial art. It becomes a popular martial art in the country and the students of karate-do can be found every corner of the country.

Karate-do Boleh !!

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