Wednesday, 9 June 2010

2010《全新感觉》街舞赛 All About Fresh Streetdance Competition

Tonight’s competition which has been uniquely themed “All About Fresh Street Dance Competition” is a great opportunity for budding hip-hop and other modern style dancers to showcase their talents. It is not only an extremely healthy activity but also an avenue for creativity. Nevertheless, every sporting activity no matter how good the objectives are must be monitored. All parties involved should always work towards maintaining a clean and healthy platform not only in this activity but others as well.
Street dancing is definitely a healthy past-time for youngsters compared to loitering, drug involvements and other negative activities. We should all give our full encouragement to have this competition held annually and to further encourage participation of youths from a wider range of background. The Barisan National government is always supportive of such healthy activities.

Without holding all of you back further, I wish all the participants here tonight the best of luck in their quest to become the champion. Thank you.

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